I purchased a set of gears on eBay. They are 40 tooth Browning gears part number YSB10B40-20. They are 40 tooth, 10 pitch bevel gears. The seller was asking $10 each so I got 20 of them to cover all 3 locos that I am building.

Now I need a set of pinions. I will use a 19 tooth pinion for a 2.1 gear ratio. A bit less than 2.49 to 1 of the prototype which I think may be geared a little low. The 2.1 to 1 will allow faster speeds.

I plan to use the Gearotic Motion software and my cnc mill to make the 19 tooth pinions. While there was a Free Shipping offer at Enco I ordered enough cast iron material to make all the pinions. The pinions will be heat treated after machining.

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