Background Information

Shay #6

Photo taken at Cass, WV 2008

Lima s/n 3354:

  • Class 162-3, coal fired
  • Built 1945 for Western Maryland Railway as #6
  • Last Shay built by Lima
  • Designed to haul coal on the Chaffee Branch of the Western Maryland Railway
  • Presently operating at Cass Scenic Railroad
  • Lima s/n 3156:

    GCE #12

    Above photo used with permission of Richard Sparks

  • Class 150-3, coal fired, later rebuilt to class 150-4 (or should it be 200-4?)
  • Built 1921 for West Virginia Pulp & Paper Company as #12
  • Assigned to Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk Railroad (subsidiary of WVP&P)
  • Originally built as a 3 truck Shay
  • Converted at Cass, WV to 4 trucks in 1933, tender increased from 6000 to 11000 gallons of water
  • Conversion was done to increase water capacity and result was less train hauling capacity
  • 4 truck version was largest operating Shay
  • (KCS 900 was the largest Shay built by Lima factory)
  • Designed for hauling log trains in the Cass, WV area
  • Also hauled coal for the Western Maryland, sometimes in mixed log/coal trains
  • Mower Lumber company purchased the Cass Logging operation in 1942
  • Damaged in an accident with a Western Maryland Railway rod engine in 1942
  • Scrapped at Cass approximately 1956
  • Note: some of this information (tender water capacity, collision date, scrapping date) are based on best available information
  • Major differences:

  • riveted girder frame (3354) vs. I-beam frame (3156)
  • piston valves (3354) vs. slide valves (3156)
  • single 8.5" cross compound air pump (3354) vs. dual single air pumps (3156)
  • dual taper stack (3354) vs. diamond stack (3156)
  • internal spark screen (3354) vs. spark arresting diamond stack (3156)
  • 3 truck with 6000 gallon tender (3354) vs. 4 truck with 11,000 gallon tender (3156 rebuilt)
  • Still operating (3354) vs. scrapped (3156)
  • Reference material:

  • See Locogear Technical Bulletin #12 for published information sources
  • Many original Lima drawings are available for both locomotives, see Locogear Technical Bulletin #5
  • Recently published book "Western Maryland Railway Shay No. 6" is available from the Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association
  • "The Lima Shays on the Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk Railroad Company" by Kyle Neighbors is a booklet with information on 3156 including a photo of the builders plate. This booklet is out of print but I found a copy on eBay
  • The website West Virginia History Onview has 15 photos of 3156, search on "Shay 12", click on thumbnail to enlarge photo then right click to download
  • There is an online discussion forum for 3354 and 3156
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