1-1/2" Scale Shay Under Construction

On the loading ramp, ready to go to a meet in Maine.


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The boiler is made from 3/8" thick steel. It has two TIG weld passes and a covering pass stick welded. It has been hydro tested to 300 psi. This boiler is based on the Kozo design but with threads changed to 1/8" npt in most places. Two additional fittings have been added since these photos were taken. One fitting is for a direct connection to the top of the water glass, rather than connecting the water glass to the turret. And the other fitting is a 2nd water inlet connection for the left side of the boiler. The steam exhaust pipe interfered with the boiler check valve I wanted to use on the right hand side, so I moved it to the left hand side.

Homemade Boiler Flue Roller

Thanks to Rich Dean for a drawing and information on how to operate a flue roller. The boiler hydro tested to 300 psi with the rolled flues. One flue weeped. It was re-rolled and the boiler was again hydro tested to 300 psi. No leaks.

Propane burner

These are LocoParts (http://www.locoparts.net) burners under test on a breezy day. The burners burn blue on only a couple of psi when there is no breeze blowing.

Ready for steam

I have constructed a PVC tender tank which will be housed within the tender shell. Notice the pressure gauge and shafts just in front of the PVC tank, these will be the main operating controls. Since this will be a three truck Shay with the engineer sitting on the third truck I thought it would be wise to move the controls back toward the engineer to shorten the reach. The throttle lever will have a linkage added so that it can be operated from the top of the tender tank. The shafts go down to valves below the floor. These valves are for the injector water, injector steam, engine steam brake, train vacuum brake and propane control. The gauges will show propane pressure and vacuum level.