1-1/2" Scale Shay Under Construction

On the loading ramp, ready to go to a meet in Maine.


More assembly

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Engine runs on air
Well, it took more than two weeks! But as of July 5, 2002 the engine does indeed run well on air! In this picture the completed engine is shown. Yet to be made are the links to operate the cylinder drain cocks. The drain cocks work fine. I made them as small as I could and reasonably near prototype appearance.
Engine runs on air 2.
Another shot of the completed 3 cylinder engine.
The reverse stand slots being machined. The MLA (Metal Lathe Accessories) machining block came in handy here.
Drilling the smokebox for rivets and smokestack.
Brake cylinder parts, per Ken Schroeder design.  Kozo's plans did not include brakes.
Brake cylinder mounted on frame, waiting for steam plumbing.
Cutting the slot in a brake clevis. I make two on one length of material and then cut them apart, they are easier to hold that way.
Rounding the ends of a brake clevis.
Eight completed brake clevises.
Backhead. Shows water gauge and steam manifold valves.
Steamdome, showing safety valves, ball valve steam throttle and steam plumbing to cylinders.
Handpump, mounted in PVC water tank. This internal tank will later be hidden within the aluminum tender shell.
Exhaust piping between exhaust manifold and smokebox.
Pictures showing cylinder cocks closed (above), open (below). Fasteners to be replaced with scale fasteners.