2-1/2" Scale Li'l Lima Under Construction

Machining the Cylinders

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Cylinder boring on lathe
Cylinder boring on lathe.
Drilling cylinder mounting holes
Drilling cylinder mounting holes.
cylinder drain cocks
Drilling/tapping for cylinder drain cocks.
valve chest mounting holes
Drilling/tapping valve chest mounting holes.
cylinder ends
Drilling/tapping cylinder ends.
steam end passages
Milling steam end passages.
Drilling steam passages
Drilling steam passages, after starting holes with an end mill.
Milling cylinder ports
Milling cylinder ports.
valve chest end holes
Drilling valve chest end holes.
valve chest mounting holes
Drilling valve chest mounting holes.
Turning round valve chest spigot
Turning round valve chest spigot on lathe.
a homemade DRO
All of this work was done using a homemade DRO, that's why no jigs are needed.

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