Split Smokebox: I had a Railroad Supply Mogul with a boiler built by Don Marshall that had a split smokebox making maintenance much easier. With all the piping internal to the smokebox on the Climax I thought it was a good candidate for a split smokebox.

Smokebox piping:

Exhaust Stand: Per Bob Reedy's design, adjusted for different smokebox diameter.

Smokestack Base: Because I wanted a Radley-Hunter stack I drew a smokestack base for it and printed it on my 3D printer in PLA. At the time I did not have the bronze melting capacity for something this large so I lost wax cast it in aluminum. I now have a larger metal melter and could cast such a large object in bronze.

Stack: This is a 2" piece of steel pipe with the inside made per Bob Reedy's design. The outside is straight, however, to receive the Radley-Hunter outline stack when I make it. The part just above the stack base that juts out will be the bottom of the Radley-Hunter stack.

The petticoat was drawn in 3D then printed on my Ultimaker 2 printer:

Then it was lost wax cast, burning out the PLA (plastic filament used by the printer) as if it were made of wax: (8/17/2015)

Then machined and installed (8/17/2015):