The original frame was built with 1-1/2" channel. Bob Reedy used back to back 1" channel. This has caused some adjustments to be made in the mating parts.

Crankshaft Cross Members: (11/17/2013)

Axle pump eccentric and levers: (12/2/2013)

Axle Pump: Printed two halves in PLA, made them into a two piece pattern and then sand cast.

Deck supports that I cnc'ed out of aluminum:

Poling Pockets:

It was later determined that only four of the poling pockets would have been used on the front of the main frame and the rear of the tender frame. I machined the pockets off four of the above and installed the flat plate.


Front end beam and supports (2/7/14):

" " "

Wood decks: these were made by screwing the outside wood beams to the above deck supports. The decking was then glued and secured to the beams using a pin nailing gun. The decks can be removed by unscrewing the wood beam from the supports and lifting the deck off in one piece. The decking under the cab has additional 2-56 flat head brass screws attached to the frame members. The cab and tender body will be secured through the wood deck to the frame below (3/25/14):

Tender Frame (3/23/14):