Brake Parts: I had a brake kit for a freight car truck that I used the brake shoes from as a pattern for a vulcanized rubber mold. I made a pattern for the brake hangers by silver soldering end rings on a 1/8" steel rod and making a vulcanized rubber mold. Then waxes were made and the parts were lost wax cast:

Here's another photo of castings. Note the brake hanger hardware at the top middle and bottom middle of the photo. Some of those parts were 3D printed in PLA then burned out with the waxes.

A small photo showing the brake hardware machined and ready to use:

Brake Pivots: here is a sequence of photos to show how the brake pivots were made from castings and cut off screws silver soldered. Square collets make working with these parts much easier:

Brake Beams: these were made from aluminum as Bob Reedy designed. Looking at the cross section of the beam I thought it could be made out of 1" aluminum rail. That is what I did. I made a single flute angle milling cutter out of a double lip cutter. This was used to mill the angle for the beams. The cutter was not critical to make because it was to be used on aluminum.

Next problem was to drill the ends of the beams for the brake shoes. I made a jig to hold the beam in the mill vise:

Brake Cylinders: Made from bronze.

Brake Cylinder Brackets: Profiled all at once on the cnc mill:

Brake Cylinder Heads:

Brakes assembled: